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Some more scholarships.....


December 1, 2018- The Texas Farm Credit Marsha Martin Scholarship and Ag Student of The Month is open to:

  • Graduating seniors
  • FFA or 4-H members
  • Students who plan to pursue an agriculture related degree, such as agricultural business, ag economics or ag science
  • Those who submit a current high school transcript, an application, a resume and an essay

Applications and more information are located in the counselor’s office, or online at www.texasfcs.com/scholarship.



January 18, 2019-The Northeast Chapter 426 Air Force Association Earle North Parker Scholarship is now available for application. To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be a senior in high school
  • Write a maximum two-page essay on
  • “How might the emerging technologies of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence affect, both positively and negatively, the operations of the United States Air Force?

1st Place- $1,000

2nd Place- $750

3rd Place- $500


March 1, 2019- The East Texas Professional Credit Union offers two scholarships each year:

The McLauchlin Scholarship ($2,000) for graduating seniors who wish to pursue a degree in education, and The Presidential Scholarship ($1,000) for graduating seniors who wish to pursue a degree in any field.

To be eligible, the applicant, or family, must have a Credit Union account in good standing. To join the credit union a minimum $5 deposit into a savings account is required. Applications for the scholarship are located in the counselor’s office or online at www.etpcu.org.