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Senior Meeting January 16, 2019


A senior meeting was held on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 and the following items were discussed:

  1. Students were reminded to get the FAFSA completed if they are planning to attend college or technical school next fall. The application has been available since October and the longer students wait to complete the application, the less likely they will receive the largest amount of money available for college. Students need to visit www.fafsa.ed.gov to get this application completed.
  2. Students were reminded to fill out scholarship applications and that they are located on the Eustace High School website under Counselor Pages-Senior scholarships. Paper applications are in the first drawer of the file cabinet right outside of the counselor’s office.
  3. Students who receive “free money”- that is, scholarships, grants, or any money that is awarded to them that they do not have to pay back need to record these awards in the purple book on my desk. Please do not email me with this information- students need to come to my office and take care of it. This information will be compiled and read at graduation, so that we can recognize the accomplishments of our students.
  4. Any seniors taking a dual credit class that is needed for graduation credit need to be sure to let the counselors know if they are having difficulty with a class, as this may affect graduation.
  5. Seniors need to be sure to get their yearbooks ordered. Some seniors have paid for a senior ad, but still have not ordered a yearbook, so that can be taken care of online. The cost is $50.