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NEW Scholarships posted!

Posted Date: 03/20/2023

NEW Scholarships posted!

Kiwanis Club of Cedar Creek Lake
Scholarship Information

1. Applicants will be selected for scholarships from the below listed designated schools, which
have been voted on and approved by the Kiwanis Board of Directors. Schools are subject to
change from year to year, with Board approval.
2. Designated schools to receive scholarships are:
• Eustace High School
• Mabank High School
• Trinidad High School
• Kemp High School
3. Applicants must be graduating seniors from the above listed schools.
4. Student must complete a Scholarship Application and return it to the school's counselor NO
LATER than April l5th
5. Winners will be selected by a Kiwanis Scholarship Committee and will be notified at the
senior's awards program, by a presentation from a Kiwanis Board Member.
6. Instructions will accompany the paperwork, presented to the winners of each school, on the
process of receiving the scholarship funds.

NOTE: Failure to follow directions will result in disqualification!
Applications MUST BE TYPED.

Goals of the Kiwanis Scholarship

1. Scholarship award is not based on academics, but on leadership qualities. The club's objectives
are to seek out, recognize and develop leadership potential in high school seniors. It is to
encourage students to pursue leadership roles as they join the work force, following high school
graduation. The award is also to help prepare the next generation of civic and corporate
leadership for America's future.
2. Also, the goal is to help students gain the necessary confidence and experience in following
written instructions when applying for scholarships.
3. A third goal is to educate people in the schools and communities about the Kiwanis
organization. The number of scholarships awarded, from year to year, depends on the amount
of money available to the Kiwanis Club of Cedar Creek Lake's ability to raise the necessary funds
for the program, through various fund raisers throughout the year.


Athens Noon Kiwanis Club Scholarship 

This scholarship can be used at any college, however, if the student chooses to attend TVCC they will
match the scholarship and the student will receive a total of 2,000.00 for the first year (fall & spring).
The student will receive 1,000 for fall and 1,000 for spring semesters.
Upon completion of the application, it should be mailed to P.O. Box 22 Athens, TX 75751 addressed to
Kiwanis Scholarships. Applications can also be emailed to kiwanisathenstx@outlook.com.
Applications MUST be received by April 14, 2023
Any incomplete applications or applications received after this date will not be considered for
the scholarships.
Scholarship winners and their parents will be invited to a luncheon held in their honor at Tilo’s
Cuisine and Bakery in May.
Once the student has been chosen and has attended the awards luncheon, they will be given a
certificate with a detailed explanation of how to receive their award.
If you have any further questions. Please feel free to contact me at 254-301-9291 or email me
at kathyflemingrealtor@gmail.com


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