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Senior Meeting

Posted Date: 09/14/2018

A senior meeting was held on Wednesday, September 12. The following information was shared with students:

1. Every senior in attendance was invited to join my class on the Remind App, which will allow for easier communication. I will notify students when new scholarship information or any other pertinent information is posted to the website. The Remind App will also allow students an easier way to contact me with questions or to get my assistance. 

2.Students who plan on attending a four-year college or university need to be getting their applications completed. December 1 is the deadline for many of the major schools, and students may obtain information about schools they are interested in by visiting the school websites. They should be looking for requirements for admission, deadlines for application and freshman scholarship information and deadlines.

3.I have begun receiving information for scholarships. As information is received, it will be posted under Senior Scholarships on this website and the information will indicate whether it is an online application or if there is a paper application. Paper applications will be located in the top drawer of the filing cabinet outside of my office, and students will have access to those whether I am in my office or not.

Students also need to be thinking about obtaining letters of recommendation from teachers, employers, pastors, or anyone unrelated to them, who they have established a relationship with. Students should ask for letters well in advance of the time they will be needed, and they should provide the letter writer with a copy of their resume. This will allow the letter writer to personalize and write a better letter for the student. I will post some examples under Senior Information.

4. Senior students will receive 2 College Days this year. They may take one day in the fall and one day in the spring, or they may take them both in the fall or the spring. Seniors should see me to obtain a College Day form, which they will then submit to Mrs. Bee. Students are required to bring a statement typed on the school letterhead indicating they were at said school on the date permission was given, and this should also be turned in to Mrs. Bee. If these procedures are followed, students will not be counted absent. 

Students will not receive a College Day form to visit TVCC. 

5. If a senior is taking a dual credit course that is crucial for high school graduation and they are experiencing difficulties, they need to let me, Mrs. Bice or anyone know they are having difficulty. We want to avoid any situations that will ultimately affect graduation.

6. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) will be available online at www.fafsa.ed.gov beginning October 1. Students who plan to attend college, or any technical school need to get this form filled out as soon as possible to be eligible for financial aid as well as some scholarships. There are deadlines which are available by state on the fafsa website, but the sooner the form is completed and submitted, the more likely there will be available funds for eligible students. Students and parents must apply for a FAFSA pin, and it is critical for students to keep track of this pin, as well as user names and passwords, as this information will be needed each year the student attends college. 

7. Seniors will attend College Day on Thursday, September 20, at Mabank High School. Permission slips will be passed out in Mrs. Godair and Mrs. Goodell’s classes, or may be obtained in the counselor’s offices. Permission slips MUST BE RETURNED by Wednesday, September 19. They will not be accepted Thursday morning.

Gwen Orr

Academic Advisor


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