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Dual Credit Students Freshmen-Juniors

Posted Date: 04/08/2020

Students who are currently taking dual credit classes (with the exception of seniors) and those who are planning to take dual credit classes in the summer and/or fall, need to join Ms. Orr’s Dual Credit Class in Google Classroom. The code to join this class is nhxs4zx.

Seniors, you will be registering through TVCC for summer and fall.

I will be posting information pertinent to the registration process. Please remember that in order to take dual credit, you must have taken the TSI, or you must have an exemption  through your EOC English 2  and/or Algebra 1 test:

English 2 EOC – level 2 (4000)

Algebra 1 EOC- level 2 (4000)

The TSI scores you need to be eligible to take dual credit courses are:

Math- Minimum 350

Reading- Minimum 351

Writing-Minimum 340 MC and essay score of 4

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